Movie making is a gigantic process. It is a combination of all my hobbies put together and much, much more. Art, Photography, Cinematography, Martial Arts and Computer Graphics knowledge was not enough to tackle this gigantic art medium.

To the above, to minimise the budget, I had to add the knowledge's of Cinematography, Direction, Story Writing, Lyrics Writing, Fights Composing, Music Composing, Audio Recording, Editing, Movie Special Effects, Production Planning, Production Management etc., The list was endless.

And top to it all, I had to produce my first movie in a totally new experimental medium, that is, the newly invented High-Definition Format. This medium I opted for because I was interested to find a way to produced a movie in a minimum budget. It was the biggest challenge of my life. I took it on.

I purchased the Pinnacle Liquid High-Definition non linear editing workstation in 2005 and in one month I mastered the basic editing techniques.

"VEGAM", the First Digital Censored Movie of Andhra Pradesh, was released on 6th April 2007, in Aaradhana Theatre,Hyderabad. this was coverd in all the Print and Electronic Media Technically it was a most satisfying experience of my life when the audience felt that the Image and Audio quality they were experiencing on the big screen was no different from regular 35mm format. VEGAM also was awarded the BHARATMUNI ACADEMY award in the category of "THE BEST EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE FILM OF 2007" and now, "KAROONGI TUJE KHALLAS", presumably the first Hi-Definition Censored Hindi feature movie, has also been completed and is awaiting release.

Now I also started getting investment offers in my movies. Sri Rao Chalasani, who is an NRI in Florida, has invested 50% in "KAROONGI TUJE KHALLAS".

There was also a great support in production management from Sri V.V. Niranjan, and in the field of computer technical support, Sri K. Santosh Kumar input as Computer back-up also proved valuable.

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