J.J. Creative Studio was actually established in 1987. It was sidetracked temporarily to establish Sruthi Computer Graphics, J.J. Creative Studio took off in full steam in 1990.

J.J. Reddy proved himself as a specialist in technical photography, especially in special effects subjects. Ad-agencies like Mudra, Sobaghya, Time & Space. Associated advertisers, Kiron Ads, madras advertising, became regular clientele. The international campaign and cook book photography for Sumeet Mixie for the Add agency Time & Space was one of the high lights of J.J. Creative Studio. Photography assignments of this stature used to be handled mostly by Pro Photographers of Bombay The fact that this major account was preferred to be given to J.J. Creative Studio speaks volumes of the trust by Ad Agencies on J.J. Creative's capability.

Corporate clients list was also extensive. Giants like DR. Reddy’s Labs, SOL, Natco, Siris, Biological Evans, etc were regulars. Before 1990, most of the Pharama Visual Aids used to be cut and paste job works. After DR. Reddy's and SOL Visual Aids came out in 1990 with J.J. Creative Studio’s Ad-quality professional photography in them, Visual Aids have never been the same in Hyderabad.

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