I consider martial arts as an extension of Creativity.  There is flow, drama, force, discipline, and excitement in it. I have been a martial arts enthusiast since 1974.  In 1976, I was exposed to the greatest of the exponents, the one and only legendary Bruce Lee. In "ENTER THE DRAGON" it was pure poetry in action. There has never been and also there never will be a better exponent than Bruce Lee. Bruce lee was not just a fighter. He was an intellectual, a philosopher with a mind perfectly fine tuned to the minutest detail into visual art mixed with one of the greatest minds in martial arts knowledge. Personalities like him come only once
I was so impressed that my practice increased from one hour daily to three hours. My knuckles turned black and I used to switch on lights and fans with feet. I practiced at a religious level and enjoyed every second of it.
I practiced at Karate, Kung Fu and Nunchaku by self. I went to the great late Byram Mistry to learn Judo. For boxing, I used to go Fatemaidan with my school mate, Interzar Ali Khan. This knowledge in the various fighting arts came to a great use in composing fight sequences when I got into movie production.

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